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Over two decades ago, the Laredo Chamber of Commerce worked on developing a program that would not only honor hunting and the rich traditions that come with it, but would also highlight the City of Laredo and Webb County as THE premier South Texas hunting destination. What started as a simple idea has now blossomed into a big buck hunting contest rivalled by many, but comparable to none. Over 31 years later the Cola Blanca Big Buck Contest continues to showcase the biggest and best fair chase and free ranging whitetails in the grand State of Texas, and offers hunters the chance to take home of the most coveted Cola Blanca Bronze Trophies.

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The Cola Blanca magazine, event, website, and newsletter are great opportunities to promote your business within and outside the Laredo and Webb County community. The large variety of categories give you the flexibility when it comes to chosing the sponsorship level that is right for you. With over 500 registered hunters, over 400 banquet attendees, and 2,500 magazines in print there are sure to be a hunters that your business can target.

2018 - 2019 Magazine Ads

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